Thursday, July 19, 2012

Too Long!!!

Who know that keeping up with lifes craziness would affect blogging??? Not me! I simply assumed that I would be able to take 5 minutes everyday and just jot a quick little something. But, as you can see I am not finding those 5 minutes. Sometimes I believe we allow life to consume us and not step away and take control of our time. It sounds dumb and quite easy at the same time. However, it takes a lot of self control. Which is not a easy fruit of the Spirit for me! I guess trying to please every person in my life is slowly robbing me of spiritual growth. But, as some of you know when you are trying to better yourself their are plenty of people, (not always meaning to) not really wanting you to change. It is hard on them when you change because they grow accustom to what they can get from you. With all this being said, I now have to take a few steps backwards and just breath..... and breath.... and just be. The hardest part of it all is trusting that these same people will still be there and show their support. Is this good news, or bad news????? Who Knows!!!!! Hope this finds you all well!