Thursday, October 25, 2012

Life is HARD!!!!

I apologize to my fellow followers all 12 of you, I wish I knew how to follow you. If you can give me a DETAILED heads up on how to that would be great. I would love to support you as you do me. I am writting today for therapy reasons only. I wish I had the self control to make this a regular routine. I do find writting a bit theraputic. Even though my spelling is horrible. Do they even have spell check on this blogspot??? That is how clueless I am. I just about have 6months under my belt owning Painted Farmgirl. I would say I have considered it a true blessing for the most part, although it has come with many challenges. I could list probably 8 seperate Life altering things that have happened to me along my journey of opening the store. Some I have shared already. Most, I havent due certain reasons. For one, I know EVERYONE can read this and once you put it out there on the internet it is there forever. I don't want to discredit myself or others by writting all the ugly parts of life that happen to us all. I would rather focus on the positives. Very hard to do when you have other people or forces pulling you down. I would like to choose today to honor my Lord and Savior "Jesus Christ" and try to put all the uglies where they belong in the past and focus on empowering myself in Christ. Will I be perfect.......heck yes!!!! Just kidding, we all know the answer to that. But, today and from this day forward I am going to try to view things from the positive side of things, try to see things through others eyes instead of my own, try to not live by emotions, and just simply do the RIGHT thing. My goal is to forgive those that have hurt me and tried to hurt me, try to allow my Grandma's passing to strengthen me instead of hold me in the state of loss, try to continue growing in the word and be honest and treat others as not only the way I'd like to be treated, but the way they deserve to be treated because God loves them just like He loves me. Please pray for me as I tackle this new outlook on life and join with me to keep loving the Lord and loving ourselves. Cause NO matter what we have do or are doing we can be forgiven. Rest in that and lets go out there and be who God created us to be. Thanks for listening and thanks in advance for your prayers. Jana