Saturday, March 24, 2012


Well I have some pictures of the red credenza. I hope they do it justice. The red color is the color of a ripe strawberry. It has been a busy couple weeks getting the store ready too. I am loving the challenge but would be fine with being done. I have a VERY interesting recap on my quitting diet coke too by the way. I'll wait til next time to tell about it. Quickly, I'm sorry that I'm all over the place tonight but I lost my Grandma Thursday and she was very dear to me. I come from a close knit family and she was more to me than Grandma, she was my friend. I'll miss her terribly. But she leaves a legacy and I'm gonna do my best to carry it on, and make her proud. Thank you God for 38 years with my grandma, Victoria Elliott!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yeah Right!!!!

So this quitting diet coke thing is not going well. I am wondering if I may have gotten a bad connection. ( From God ) Instead of Him saying "Jana, I want you to quit drinking diet coke." I am pretty sure He either said "Jana, I want you to milk a goat", or "Jana, I want you to buy a boat." Well, since I don't have the money to buy a boat right now, I will definately look around for the goat. In case I am all confused about what He is really asking me to do, I decided to keep an open mind and cut down on my intake of the pop. Updates with pics of Painted Farmgirl coming along with the Red Credeza. FINALLY!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


So with starting Painted Farmgirl here in the next month or so, you can imagine some of the stresses that come with that. I have a VERY addictive personality and my choice of drug is DIET COKE. Well, we all know that with more stress usually requires more drugs....DIET COKE of course. So, this week I decided to implement exercise back into my routine because it helps with stress and of course is a healthy act to follow. I start today to wean myself off DIET COKE too because it is unhealthy and I really need to have the Lord as my true drug of choice. Don't get me wrong I have a great relationship with the Lord however, it seems the closer we get in our walk with Him sometimes the more He can require from us. Long story short....I see this as being obedient to my heavenly Father. I do still fantasize that I got His request mixed up and He really just wanted me to give up just "ONE" DIET COKE a day, but I better not assume anything cuz we all know what happens when we assume things. LOL So, with all the goings on with Painted Farmgirl it is going well, going to really start some renovation this week now that the insurance is instated. Also, working on signs,(because I got the okay from Georgetown Twp.) which is kinda fun. I love the way I keep thinking of bigger and better ideas. Although it can be a henderence too. This week should be a better week for blogging because I should have more pics from the renovation of Painted Farmgirl. I hope to really post the picture of the red credenza (come on Elliott's) if time allows for Eric (my brother) to get it moved. Actually, today my picture is going to be of Eric and the reason he has been
so busy lately. LOL Finally, a shout out to the Hudsonville Varsity Boys Basketball Team with the huge win over Jenison for the 2nd consecutive OK RED Districts Champions. Whoo Hoo!!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Oh my Gosh! Well there is a reason that I haven't posted in a long while. That is simply I couldn't find my blog. Yeah, you read that right....couldn't find my dang blog. I have been trying desperatly to update you with my latest news with "Painted Farmgirl" but found out I was typing in the wrong user name. Only took me a week to figure it out. That doesn't say much about my computer skills, but hopefully it will get better. But, I guess it's true when people say "IF I CAN DO IT, ANYBODY CAN DO IT". At least I believe it applies here. I am going to be in the building and doing the repairs starting Wednesday, can't wait. Whoever says starting a buisness is fun definatly doesn't live in Georgetown Township. Wow, what a lot of red tape and rigamarole (not sure how to spell that word) they have you go through. They insist you apply for the okay of your NEW business and want to know what kind of sign you are going to have and how tall it will be and if it is going to be attached to the building or not before you even know if you have the okay to have the business. I'm like "Why would anyone in their right mind know what size and look of a sign they need for a business they don't know if they can get permission to have?" Talk about putting the cart before the horse. They pretty much want to know what kind of toilet paper I plan on using on the first and third tuesdays of every month. I AM SO SURE! Anyway, I should have more updates sooner now that I believe I understand some of this blog thing. However, the RED CREDENZA is done I'm just waiting for my brother to pick it up and put it in their house before I take the finale picture. Got to get the full effect, ya know?