Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lead Me Lord!!!

Opening a business sends a rush of excitment but also a shiver of fear through my body. Anticipation of what's to come....but fear of the unknown....what to do? At this point all I can do is pray, and pray hard. I absolutely believe that all things happen for a reason. Like for instance, spending the last 9 months volunteering my time helping my friend start his buisness. It came with tons of hard work, tireless decision making, endless ideas, mega hours planning and executing all of the above, without any reprieve or compensation except for knowing you put your whole heart into it. That was the major payoff along with the one thing that comes with doing anything for a period of time...EXPERIENCE!!! With this I am hoping that the Lord leads me into opening a business. I feel I have the perfect one in mind, however.......the Lord has to LEAD me.

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