Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red T.V. Credenza

So my first piece gets started today. Im so looking forward to being my own boss again. My close friend Michelle and I are going to open a booth again after spending the last 9 months volunteering for another friend who started a buisness. While most would probably criticize us for this, we both feel we walked away with loads of experience among other things. So, being that it was time for us to move on we look forward to this. Though this is only a part of my new journey, I'm pleased to be doing it with Michelle. So look for some before pics later. Also, please understand that I am not a writter and so my posts might not always be grammatically correct. But here we go....... Ok, so we are in the thick of things. It is looking much better and soon it will be AWESOME!!! Stay tuned.......

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