Friday, May 11, 2012

Ready or Not....Here we come!!!

Painted Farmgirl is opening it's doors, well actually door because we only have one, tomorrow. What a mixture of emotions. I'm not ready at all, but will I ever be? Probably not. But, I am happy, excited, nervous, scared, overwhelmed, and very TIRED! However, notice only two of my emotions mentioned were positive verses the four negative ones. Why is that? I'm not entirely sure because I am blessed to be given this incredible opportunity. Though most of us human beings tend to be slightly more negative than positive I believe because we think that if we fail or fall short the actual fall isn't as far as if we set our expectaions high and things don't work out we have a lot of crow to eat or a hard pill to swallow. Either way I decided I am giving my complete buisness to the Lord and he can do with it what He would like to do. (Thanks Stacey) So, here's to tomorrow and whatever is to come for Painted Farmgirl.

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